Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Birthdays are Good Reflection Time

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A friend once asked me, “Kene, when’s your birthday?” I quipped, “Mid-May.” Evasive and indirect, for certain. He and I still laugh about it. (It’s May 16.) I was not always as open to sharing and being vulnerable as I am now. 

After The Love Has Gone: 3 Tips For Recovering from Loss and Change


Listen to the audio version of this article here: The title of this post shares its name with a classic song from one of my favorite groups, so I didn’t need an excuse to use it here. Mid-February is the time of year when thoughts of love and affection are in the air. Embers …

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Lessons From a Two Year-Old: Doing The Right Thing (even when it hurts)

Happy New Year, folks. Going forward, you’ll be seeing more audio and podcast options available on and our YouTube page. There will be more ways for you to consume the content you love. And, as I hinted in my last post, keep an eye out for news about my soon-to-be-available audiobook.

‘Tis The Season For Thoughts of the Future

“You don’t need to be rich to be generous. Sometimes, your presence is enough.”

A Shout-out

“If people like you, they will find a way to do business with you. If people don’t like you, even if it’s in their best interest, they will not do business with you.” – Alan Kligerman

The Gift of Mortality (Revisited)

Life has a way of lulling you into complacency, given the series of recurring tasks and obligations that absorb our time and energy week in and week out. Every now and then, you’re jolted awake by a change from the ordinary.