The Importance of Honesty

The Importance of Honesty


We all lie to ourselves.

Our team lost the game because the referee is a clown. That we spent next-to-no time preparing a strategy tailored to our strengths is of no consequence.

Or, “Everyone around me is superficial. Why can’t they see what a great catch I am?”

It could be that you rarely step up and utter anything that might give others a chance to see your better personality traits. Or that your workout sneakers have dust on them and you’ve got the drive-thru menu at Popeyes memorized.

I’ve got my own laundry list of non-truths I’ve sold myself in the past, some of which you’re probably familiar with:.

“I’m not going to get anything from attending that event I was invited to. Might as well lay down and respond to some emails instead.”

“I can drop those five pounds at any time, if I really want to. The real crime would be letting this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough sundae go to waste.”

It’s very easy to create justifications for inaction and taking counsel of your own fears.

That’s why honesty—a real rarity these days—is so critical to prioritize in your life.

The first step to finding great partners—whether that’s for your next business initiative or someone to raise a family with—is figuring out who you want and what you are.

Being honest with the (wo)man in the mirror is a good start.

When your conduct is an independent variable, not a function of the whims of the moment, people can depend on you. There are fewer concerns about hidden agendas and fair-weather friendship; others can turn to you and share experiences they are not comfortable sharing with others.  

That’s something that draws (the right) people to you and keeps them there.     

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Not happy with your current relationship status? I’m here for you.

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