Birthdays are Good Reflection Time

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A friend once asked me, “Kene, when’s your birthday?” I quipped, “Mid-May.” Evasive and indirect, for certain. He and I still laugh about it. (It’s May 16.) I was not always as open to sharing and being vulnerable as I am now. 

It’s finally here (but it will NOT be on Amazon)

Listen to the audio version of this article here: I’m excited to announce the release of my latest project: “No” Doesn’t Always Mean No: Strategies for Influencing Behavior and Winning Cooperation (The Audiobook)

A Shout-out

“If people like you, they will find a way to do business with you. If people don’t like you, even if it’s in their best interest, they will not do business with you.” – Alan Kligerman

Are You Willing To Pay The Price?


With mid-term elections kicking off this week, tales about the lengths politicians are willing to go to secure a seat are cropping up everywhere. This story, of a New York candidate, steals the show: