Three Reasons You Should Vote (Featuring “A Christmas Carol”)

Three Reasons You Should Vote (Featuring “A Christmas Carol”)

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This one draws some inspiration from “A Christmas Carol”, a classic story usually trotted out next month.

Here are three reasons you should hit the polls this week:

Ghosts of Election Day Past: Reverence for Heroes

The accomplishments and heroism of history’s trailblazers are well known. Whether you’re black, white, red, or blue, you can appreciate the effort and sacrifice exhibited by Civil Rights figures in our nation’s history.

In previous election cycles where no “big ticket” seats were up for grabs, this is the reason that motivated me to venture out into the cold to my local polling station. Too many people fought and died to give all Americans the right to vote not to participate in this civic duty that links us all together.

Ghosts of Election Day Present: The Missing Link

What would you like to see change in your neighborhood? What economic and social climate matches best with your desired lifestyle?

In local elections especially, your voice can spark a huge turnaround in your living environment in a short amount of time.  

The introduction of the right candidate to a receptive environment is like a well-executed sports draft pick, inserted into a situation where his talents elevate the performance of everyone around him. It does not take long to reap dividends from a smart choice.

(If you’re a 2022  New York Jets fan, you can appreciate this analogy.)

Ghosts of Election Day Future: What Lies Beneath The Surface

Life is a lot like gardening. The tiny seed planted today, if it survives, will grow into a massive tree twenty years from now, The size, health, and look of the tree will depend on the environment it has been cultivated in.

The decisions we make today will impact the environment we live in years down the road.

“Think Beyond Stage One.” – A reference to a book from famed economist, Thomas Sowell.

The phrase is a reminder to consider not just the immediate ramifications of your actions, but the impact of your decisions five or ten years from now. Too many people in communities aren’t paying attention to the long-term effects of their decisions, supporting policies that bring about problems down the line.

We see that everywhere, from rapid inflation spurred by “buy-more-votes” policies to the $15/hour wage increase from a few years ago that will put more and more entry-level skilled labor out of work.

You can avoid many of these mistakes in your own life by learning how to pair well-conceived goals with the right incentives.

A bonus reason to vote, for the armchair pundit in your life who enjoys spamming his views all over social media to anyone who will listen:

If you do not take the time out to vote, you forfeit the moral high-ground to complain about the results. If you can’t be bothered to avail yourself of one of the many ways to cast your ballot, why should anyone take you seriously?

Don’t be a poser

And please do a little research on the candidates before you cast your vote. Even if a single vote has marginal impact, at minimum you have an ethical responsibility to have some idea of who stands where on what issues. With the internet at your finger tips, the information you need to be an informed voter is only a few clicks away.

If you look hard enough, you can find a reason to support almost any candidate.

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