Leadership Development for (Smart) People: Tips from the Practical Leadership Podcast

Leadership Development for (Smart) People: Tips from the Practical Leadership Podcast

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I spent some time with Paul Morton on his “Practical Leadership Podcast”, exploring leadership development (for smart people) and its impact on questions all of us want answers to.

Check out more of Paul’s work here:


Why is “Leadership Development” important? What is it and why should you care?

Leadership Development (for smart people) assumes different shapes based on who you are and what you’re looking to accomplish.

If you’re responsible for uniting a group under a singular vision, maybe you’re asking…..

– How to motivate a team

– How to motivate employees without money

– Why is empathy important in leadership?

Some of those answers you can find in a guest article I penned a few years ago, “The Secret to Becoming a Great Leader”:

The Secret to Becoming a Great Leader

If you’re just looking to make headway in your own life, perhaps you’re wondering…

How do I find my purpose in life?

How to develop emotional intelligence

– How to be a confident woman (or man) at work

Neurodiversity— communities impacted by Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD—is an area of focus for me as well. How do we develop coping mechanisms that allow us to function without internal hindrance? What kind of environments are best suited to my unique set of skills and abilities?

We touch on that in the episode as well.

Check out the full podcast episode here:


I’ll also roll out a series of clips from the conversation on my YouTube channel over the next week. 

Two of those you can find here….

How do I become a (good) leader? Set the right goals

The First Shall Be Last: One Mistake that Dooms Leaders from the Start

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Critical leadership mistakes on the job and in your social circle could render you persona non grata. Avoid that fate—and see some of your personal and professional goals comes to pass—by adhering to a few best practices.

Are you struggling with becoming your own best advocate? Feel like you need permission and assistance to go after what you really want?

We’re here to help.

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