Marriage Readiness Package

Marriage Readiness Package


“I’m ready to settle down.”

Are you ready to find a good man or woman?
Tired of the dating scene and all of the time-wasters playing games with your mind and heart?

Or maybe you are newly-divorced or exiting a serious relationship and looking to “get back out there” after what you thought was going to be your “happily-ever-after”.

Choose this package if you’re ready for something serious.
You’ll enjoy a 45-minute call with a personal development coach, laying out a plan for moving towards your goals. We will include a follow-up call as well, where we reinforce what was discussed in our initial conversation.

We will provide a three-tier plan for you:

Your Look:

Let’s be frank. Looks matter. There’s nothing superficial about someone wanting a partner that looks good.

There is no universally-attractive look, but there are certain aesthetic mistakes that will sabotage your chances of attracting the partners you desire.

We’ll provide an honest assessment on where—and how—you can improve.

Your Mind:

The mind charts the path that the body will follow.

Are you saying and doing things that turn off the opposite sex?

Men and women have different needs and desires. When you assume everyone thinks like you and shares the same motivations you do, you set yourself up for never-ending cycles of frustration, unhappiness, and disappointment.

We’ll explore some of your behavioral patterns and see if there are any changes that can improve your outcomes.

The Spiritual:

This is one that you will not find in most dating and relationship resources.

There exists a spiritual realm outside of the physical world that we can see, touch, and hear. What transpires in this spiritual realm dictates much of what happens in our everyday lives.

Many of the hindrances preventing us from obtaining what we want most can be found here.

We will take a look at the role your spiritual life plays in achieving your goals—and what you can do to seize control of your romantic present and future.

We’ll get you on the road to finding the love and companionship you’ve always dreamed of.

– Consultation will be scheduled after purchase

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